AitannA: Rules!!

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AitannA: Rules!!

Post  AitannA on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:47 pm

hi guyz this is the rules in game please follow this rules thank you and please dont forget to vote everyday and invite more players to our gunz will become a top one Smile thank you

1. Insulting GM,S Case- Muted for 3 days.
2. Insulting Players We need a proof printscreen then post on your facebook Case- Muted For 3 days
3. Scaming Geting players Acount Case- Banned forever
4. Spaming 1st i see you i give u a warning 2nd i see you you will be muted for 5days Case- 5days muted
5. Swaping 1st i see you ill give you a warning 2nd i see you again ill banned you for 7days Case- Level Reset.
6. Saying Badwords on your ROOM MATES Case- 10 warnings but if he insist , 1 day mute.

if you need question just ask to me ok Smile dont be shy if you have problem come i help you Smile thanks guyz have a good day Smile

By The Way Dont Give Your Username and Password to other players ok? dont Trust them Smile Byeeee !


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