HelloTeddy Apllying for Game Moderator :)

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HelloTeddy Apllying for Game Moderator :)

Post  mikz009 on Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:42 am

Whole Name:Mike Christian Polo
P-GunZ IGN:HelloTeddy
Playing Time:Every Day !! 2-8pm..
Desired position:Game Moderator
Languages you speak:English,Tagalog,and Bisaya
Have you been staff previously, your experiences:No,But if you give me a chance..I will do my best.. Very Happy
Do you speak English well?I think it is [80%]
Communication ability:[90%]
Why do you want to apply for PhilippineGunZ Staff?I want to help other players to improve thier skills in playing Philippine Gunz,so that the players will like the PHGunz.... Smile
Anything else:Just support me if you LIKE Very Happy


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